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Additions & Remodels

Adding space in the form of an addition is a popular remodel. Home additions come in two varieties: those that go up, and those that go out. When space, lot size, zoning restrictions, and cost are an issue, or when it’s an aesthetic choice, a second or even a third story addition is just what the doctor ordered.

When you are not limited to your home’s current foot print, when you can extend the perimeter of your home outside the space it now occupies without violating zoning and setback restrictions, then adding out is definitely the addition for you. Regardless whether you need an addition for a family room, new master suite, an in-law suite, a home office, or an extra bathroom, increasing your home’s size also adds value to your home.

According to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Study, a family room addition (in Wisconsin and Michigan) returns more than 65% within the first year! You will be amazed at how much easier life can be with a little extra space.

It is our pleasure to help you work your way through all the planning, zoning and setback requirements, budget considerations, and other decisions an addition requires. Here is a list of preliminary questions for you to consider and discuss with us during the early planning stages:

  • What’s our purpose for having an addition?
  • Do we want (need) to go up or out?
  • What are the architectural considerations?
  • How much additional space do we require to suit our family’s needs?
  • Will steps be a problem for any of our normal family members?
  • Will our addition inconvenience our neighbors?
  • Should we add a fireplace to the addition?
  • How might we maximize the available natural light?
  • What kind of windows will we want to include?
  • How will the addition work into our current traffic pattern?
  • Do we want tile, wood, or carpeting on our floor?
  • Is there a particular style we’d like to achieve?
  • How much are we willing to invest to have the added space?

These are all important questions. Once you have considered them, the next step is a discussion about your wants and needs with a Lakewood Companies professional. We will help you with zoning and setback requirements, and our experience will help you with the multitude of other decisions facing you. Our only wish is to help you create the addition you want within a budget you are comfortable.

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