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Our 2-Year Warranty - Protecting You

You have decided to build a new home or remodel your existing home. It’s a considerable investment –too large to be made without safeguards. You want the job done right with a guarantee that materials and workmanship will pass the test of time. We understand your concerns, so we created our 2-Year Limited Warranty to help you identify Lakewood Companies as one of the best contractors in Northern Wisconsin.

What is the advantage of our warranty?

Our warranty provides for two years of protection on the work done by Lakewood Companies and our subcontractors.

What benefits does our warranty provide?

We pledge to perform within the national set of construction standards that have been set forth by experts in professional associations that represent the building and remodeling industry (NAHB, NARI, WBA, and HBA) and by the Wisconsin state building code.

The warranty covers faulty workmanship and materials of every nature. This is in addition to any manufacturers’ warranties and mechanical systems (wiring, plumbing, heating, cooling and ventilating) warranties.