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What You Need to Know About Building in Wisconsin



All Wisconsin contractors are required to hold a 1-2 Family UDC
license with two credentials from the Wisconsin Safety and Buildings
Division; one is the Dwelling Contractor Certification and the other is
the Dwelling Contractor Qualifier Certification. All other persons or
entities, who engage in the construction business or offer to engage in
the construction business that affects public buildings, places of
employment and one- and 2- family dwellings must hold Building
Contractor Registration. License and registration numbers may be
verified online at


Wisconsin requires permits for construction projects, even for
smaller jobs such as decks. A professional contractor will obtain all
permits. If a contractor asks a homeowner to obtain a permit, he may not
be licensed or registered subcontractor. All of Lakewood Companies€
subcontractors have current insurance coverage and licenses. During our
initial stages, the homeowner will be introduced to each trade
contractor, most of whom are long time partners of Lakewood Companies.


All Wisconsin contractors are required to carry general liability
insurance and worker’s compensation. The general liability policy should
carry limits of not less than one to two million dollars. Ask for
copies of insurance certificates and check that they are current. If a
contractor does not carry the appropriate insurance, a homeowner could
be held liable for injuries and damages that occur during a project.

Project Management

Lakewood Companies employs a “project manager” model of management. A
Project Manager, is the homeowner’s primary contact throughout the
entire project.

Project Schedule

Lakewood Companies is committed to staying on schedule, finishing in a
timely manner. Homeowners receive a detailed schedule to monitor

Payment Schedule

A payment schedule is provided that notes when milestone payments are
due. This prevents surprises and delays in the project’s progress.


Lakewood Companies stands behind its work with a Two-Year Limited Warranty, in writing, within the contract.

Job Site

Lakewood Companies’ employees and subcontractors are trained to treat
a home as if it were their own. While no one can promise that a home
will be 100% dust free 100% of the time, dust curtains are employed to
seal off the area under construction. Floors are covered with protective
materials specific to the type of floor. Work areas are swept at the
end of each work day. At the end of the project, maid service is
provided for the work area.